Form Number Form Name Revision Date
MO 829-A0001 Application for Manufacturer-Solicitor, Wholesaler, Domestic Winery, or Microbrewery License Type 11/24/2009
MO 829-A0002 Application for Solicitor License Type 11/24/2009
MO 829-A0003 Requirements for Outstate Solicitor to Sell to Wholesaler 01/14/2011
MO 829-A0005 Application for Wine Direct Shipper License Type 11/19/2009
MO 829-A0006 Application for Alcohol Carrier 01/04/2010
MO 829-A0007 Checklist of Requirements for Primary Retail Liquor License 07/17/2019
MO 829-A0008 Application for a Primary Retail Liquor License 05/21/2019
MO 829-A0009 Application to Upgrade Temporary Resort License 09/29/2010
MO 829-A0013 Application to Change Managing Officer 05/03/2019
MO 829-A0014 Application for Extended Hours - Mall 12/02/2009
MO 829-A0015 Application for Extended Hours – St. Louis City 11/23/2009
MO 829-A0016 Application for Extended Hours – St. Louis County 11/23/2009
MO 829-A0017 Application for Extended Hours – Camden, Miller, & Morgan Counties 11/23/2009
MO 829-A0018 Application for Extended Hours – Kansas City & Jackson County 11/19/2009
MO 829-A0019 Application for Extended Hours – Kansas City National Historic Landmark 11/19/2009
MO 829-A0020 Application for One-Day Extended Hours - Kansas City Only 09/22/2011
MO 829-A0022 Application for Original Package Tasting License 07/17/2019
MO 829-A0023 Checklist of Requirements for Temporary Caterers Permit  05/03/2019
MO 829-A0024 Application for Temporary Caterer's Permit 05/03/2019
MO 829-A0025 Application for Annual Caterers Permit 07/17/2019
MO 829-A0026 Checklist for a Retail Liquor by the Drink - Picnic License Type 07/17/2019
MO 829-A0027 Application by Organization for Picnic License 07/17/2019
MO 829-A0028 Affidavit of Lost Permit  07/17/2019
MO 829-A0029 Application for Permission to Employ Minors 11/19/2009
MO 829-A0030 Application to Change Description of Licensed Premises 05/03/2019
MO 829-A0031 Dropping of Partner 05/03/2019
MO 829-A0032 Mailing Address Change 11/19/2009
MO 829-A0033 Managing Officer Appointment Form 05/21/2019
MO 829-A0034 Notice of Intent to Sell or Change Ownership 11/19/2009
MO 829-A0035 Verification of Food & Alcohol Sale, Schedules of Gross Receipts 01/11/2013
MO 829-A0036 Application for Refund 07/02/2013
MO 829-A0037 Employment of Convicted Felons Notification Report Form 03/01/2010
MO 829-A0038 Certification for Temporary Resort 03/01/2010
MO 829-A0039 Certification for Temporary Seasonal Resort 03/02/2010
MO 829-A0040 Certification for Seasonal Resort 03/03/2010
MO 829-A0041 Corporate Bond 12/02/2009
MO 829-A0042 Assignment of Certificate of Deposit - Excise Tax 08/05/2016
MO 829-A0045 Merchandise Return 12/24/2009
MO 829-A0050 Microbrewery/Beer Manufacturer Monthly Report 09/08/2014
MO 829-A0052 Sales to Wholesaler Dealers 09/08/2014
MO 829-A0053 Outstate Solicitors' Monthly Report and Tax Computation 09/08/2014
MO 829-A0055 Received Report for Wine & Spirits 11/24/2009
MO 829-A0056 Beer Received from Brewers and Outstate Solicitors 09/08/2014
MO 829-A0057 Sales to Missouri Residents by Wine Direct Shipper 11/24/2009
MO 829-A0058 Wine Direct Shipper Annual Report and Tax Computation 10/06/2010
MO 829-A0059 Application for Credit of Missouri Excise Tax 11/24/2009
MO 829-A0060 Contract Bottling Form 11/24/2009
MO 829-A0061 Delinquent Retailer Reporting Form 11/23/2009
MO 829-A0062 Fee Schedule by License Type 10/20/2011
MO 829-A0064 Salesman Permit Application 07/16/2015
MO 829-A0065 Salesman Application Instructions 10/08/2010
MO 829-A0066 Keg Tag Registration Form 01/30/2006
MO 829-A0067 Short Form 05/28/2019
MO 829-A0069 Checklist of Requirements for Annual Caterer Permit 07/17/2019
MO 829-A0072 Checklist for Extended Hours - Mall 07/17/2019
MO 829-A0073 Checklist for Extended Hours - Kansas City, North Kansas City, Jackson County 01/20/2012
MO 829-A0074 Checklist for Extended Hours - Camden, Miller, & Morgan Counties 07/17/2019
MO 829-A0075 Checklist for Extended Hours - St. Louis City 07/17/2019
MO 829-A0076 Checklist for Manufacturers / Solicitors 07/17/2019
MO 829-A0077 Checklist for One-Day Extended Hours - Kansas City 05/03/2019
MO 829-A0078 Checklist for InState - Solicitor License to Sell to Licensed Wholesalers 07/17/2019
MO 829-A0079 Checklist for OutState - Solicitor License to Sell to Licensed Wholesalers 05/29/2019
MO 829-A0084 Checklist for Missouri Wholesale / Solicitor License to Sell to Licensed Retailers 07/17/2019
MO 829-A0092 Keg Tag ReOrder Form 01/24/2018
MO 829-A0093 Keg Registration Form 01/30/2006
MO 829-A0094 Server Training Application Form 02/07/2013
MO 829-A0095 Alcohol Compliance Buy Form 01/30/2012
MO 829-A0096 Tobacco Compliance Buy Form 01/30/2012
MO 829-A0097 Manufacturer / Solicitor Tasting Guidelines 04/15/2013
MO 829-A0098 Wholesaler Tasting Guidelines 04/15/2013
MO 829-A0099 Affidavit of Application for Vintage Wine Auction License 02/21/2012
MO 829-A0100 Vintage Wine Auctioneer License Checklist 07/17/2019
MO 829-A0101 Vintage Wine Solicitor License Application 02/21/2012
MO 829-A0102 Vintage Wine Solicitor Requirements Checklist 07/17/2019
MO 829-A0103 Vintage Wine Auction Municipality Checklist 07/17/2019
MO 829-A0104 Transporter’s License Checklist 05/03/2019
MO 829-A0105 Application to Transport Intoxicating Liquor Into and Through Missouri 02/28/2012
MO 829-A0106 Microbrewery Checklist 07/17/2019
MO 829-A0107 Domestic Winery Checklist 07/17/2019
MO 829-A0108 Application for Extended Hours – Lambert St. Louis International Airport 07/17/2019
MO 829-A0109 Lambert Airport Checklist 07/17/2019
MO 829-A0110 Application for Sunday License 07/17/2019
MO 829-A0111 Checklist for Sunday License Application 07/17/2019
MO 829-A0114 In-State Solicitor Monthly Report and Tax Computation 09/08/2014
MO 829-A0115 Application to Change or Reassign Officer 04/01/2019
MO 829-A0116 Application for Temporary Festival Permit 05/21/2019
MO 829-A0117 Checklist for Temporary Festival permit 05/03/2019
MO 829-A0118 Portable Refrigeration Leasing Notification 08/24/2016
MO 829-A0119 Application for Temporary Manufacturer Event Permit 05/03/2019
MO 829-A0120 Original Package Tasting License Checklist 07/17/2019
MO 829-A0121 Seasonal Resort Renewal Checklist 07/17/2019
MO 829-A0122 Change Description of Licensed Premises Checklist 07/12/2018
MO 829-A0123 Change of Entity Name Checklist 07/17/2019
MO 829-A0124 Change of Entity Ownership (Stocks-Shares) Checklist 07/17/2019
MO 829-A0125 Change of Managing Officer Checklist 07/12/2018
MO 829-A0126 Dropping of Partners Checklist 07/12/2018
MO 829-A0127 Upgrade/Downgrade Licensing Checklist 07/17/2019
MO 829-A0128 Checklist for Manufacturer Event Permit 05/03/2019
MO 829-A0129 Qualification Questionnaire - Full Liquor by the Drink 12/18/2017
MO 829-A0130 Financial Interest in an Out-Of-State Manufacturer - Retail Applicant Affidavit 01/09/2018
MO 829-A0131 Checklist for Change of DBA 05/03/2019
MO 829-R0001 Tax Collection for Fiscal Year 2011 06/30/2011
MO 829-R0002 Tax Collection for Fiscal Year 2010 07/20/2010
MO 829-R0003 Tax Collection for Fiscal Year 2009 07/01/2009
MO 829-R0004 Tax Collection for Fiscal Year 2008 07/02/2008
MO 829-R0005 Tax Collection for Fiscal Year 2007 06/29/2007
MO 829-R0006 Tax Collection for Fiscal Year 2006 06/30/2006
MO 829-R0007 Tax Collection for Fiscal Year 2005 12/19/2005
MO 829-R0008 Tax Collection for Fiscal Year 2012 06/29/2012