A Temporary Manufacturer Event Permit is a temporary permit allowing out of state manufacturers, who are not licensed in the state of Missouri, to participate in festivals, bazaars or similar events. The permit is valid for a maximum of seventy-two (72) hours, and allows licensee to bring no more than two hundred (200) gallons of intoxicating liquor to the event. Section 311.275 primary American source of supply and brand registration requirements are waived, however the product must be registered with TTB to bring into the State of Missouri.

The festival, bazaar or similar event must be hosted by a Missouri manufacturer who also holds a retail by the drink (RBD) license. The Missouri manufacturer is required to report and pay excise taxes on intoxicating liquor brought into the state by this permit holder in the same manner as if it were produced or purchased by the Missouri manufacturer.

All unused product at the end of the event shall be destroyed or removed from the state.

  • Fee - $25 (money order or cashiers check)
  • Statute 311.915

Additional Requirements:

Events that qualify for this type of license must be hosted by a Missouri manufacturer that holds a retail by the drink license. Please call the Division if you have questions about an event qualifying.

In addition to your application, copies of the following documents must be attached:

  1. Outstate Manufacturers State Liquor License
  2. TTB COLA (Certification of Label Approval)
  3. Location of Event and Property Owner’s Permission Letter
  4. Letter from Instate Manufacturer holding the event verifying they will pay Excise Taxes Due
  5. City Permission Letter