Solicitor Must Be Licensed and Report Monthly

In order to ship alcoholic beverages to a licensed Wholesaler in Missouri, a Solicitor must be licensed with the Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Control using the Solicitor Application. When approved, this license will allow the Solicitor to register products to be shipped into Missouri to a licensed Wholesaler. For more information on alcoholic beverage licensing applications and forms, visit our Licensing page.

For more information about Brand Label registrations email or call (573) 751-4073; or email or call (573) 751-5450.

The Solicitor must also comply with monthly alcoholic beverage excise tax reporting requirements. For more information on alcoholic beverage excise tax reporting requirements, visit our Excise Tax Reporting page.

Registering Products

To register products the following must be submitted:

  1. Application for Primary American Source Registration
    In reference to Section 311.275, RSMo, there can only be one Primary Source of Supply.
  2. Original Labels taped or glued to a 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper
  3. Corresponding approved TTB-COLA
  4. Malt/Spirit Products: Original labeled sample of product, if the alcohol content is not approved on the TTB-COLA
  5. Wholesaler Appointment Letter. If registering Malt product - list territorial agreement.