Solicitors Must Be Licensed and Report Monthly

ATC Online System Speeds Brand Label Registrations

IN THE NEWS: New rules fix 'logistical nightmare'

The Missouri Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Control (ATC) is responsible for registering labels as Primary American Source of Supply in compliance with Section 311.275, RSMo. ATC has implemented an ATC Online System that allows manufacturers, solicitors, wineries and microbreweries to electronically submit new label registrations or to make changes to previously registered labels. Since Jan. 1, 2018, licensees have been required to use the ATC Online System for brand label.

Instructions for setting up permissions and user manuals are available on this page. If you need assistance with setting up permissions or electronically submitting brand label registrations, please email or call (573) 751-4073; email or call (573) 751-5450 or (573) 751-7891.

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In order to ship alcoholic beverages to a licensed wholesaler in Missouri, a solicitor must be licensed with the Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Control using the Solicitor Application. For more information on alcoholic beverage licensing applications and forms, visit our Licensing page.

The solicitor must also comply with monthly alcoholic beverage excise tax reporting requirements. For more information on alcoholic beverage excise tax reporting requirements, visit our Excise Tax Reporting page.

Registering Products

To electronically register products the following information may be required:

  1. Approved TTB Certificate of Label Approval (COLA)
  2. Valid appointment letter from owner of product or certification of ownership of product. The term "primary American source of supply: shall mean the distiller, producer, the owner of the commodity at the time it became a marketable product, the bottler, or the exclusive agent of any such distiller, producer, bottler or owner, the basic requirement being that the nonresident seller be the first source closest to the manufacturer in the channel of commerce from whom the product can be secured by American wholesalers.
  3. Actual sample of the label corresponding with the TTB COLA. However, when TTB does not require a label approval when an allowable TTB change is made in non-mandatory text, illustrations, graphics, etc., ATC will accept an actual sample of the revised label.
  4. Wholesaler appointment and/or geographical agreement designating specific area within such wholesaler applicant is authorized to sell such brand.
  5. Notarized Lab Analysis if the alcohol content is not verified on the TTB Certificate of Label Approval (COLA).