This license allows the manufacturing of wine or brandy in quantities not to exceed 500,000 gallons, not in excess of 18 percent alcohol by weight for wine, or not in excess of 34 percent alcohol by weight for brandy, from grapes, berries, other fruits, fruit products, honey, and vegetables produced or grown in the state of Missouri, exclusive of sugar, water and spirits. A license fee of $5 for each 500 gallons or fraction thereof of wine or brandy produced up to a maximum license fee of $300 shall be collected. A domestic winery may use, in any calendar year, wine and brandy making material produced or grown outside the state of Missouri in a quantity not exceeding 15 percent of the manufacturer’s wine entered into fermentation in the prior calendar year.

Required Documents

  • Fee - $5 per 500 gallons
  • Statute 311.190 and 11CSR 70-2.110
  • A Domestic Winery may purchase and sell bulk or packaged wines or brandies from and to other Domestic Wineries. A Domestic Winery may also sell packaged wines or brandies to licensed Wholesalers and retail dealers on any day except Sunday.
  • Alcohol content must not be in excess of 18 percent alcohol by weight for wine and not in excess of 34 percent alcohol by weight for brandy;
  • A Domestic Winery licensed under this section may offer samples of Missouri produced wine, may sell Missouri produced wine and brandy in its original package directly to consumers at the winery, and may open wine purchased by customers so that it may be consumed on the winery premises on Monday through Saturday between 6:00 a.m. and midnight and on Sunday between 6:00 a.m. and 1:30 a.m.
  • A Domestic Winery license allows the licensee to manufacture, wholesale and retail Missouri produced wine and brandy products for one license fee.
  • Applicants applying for a Domestic Winery license shall first meet all federal laws and regulations governing the manufacture of wine or brandy and obtain all federal permits and tax stamps.
  • Primary American Source and Brand Registration: Statute 311.275 The Domestic Winery licensee must register all products with the state of Missouri prior to offering them for sale in Missouri.

Secondary License Options