Find answers to frequently asked questions regarding cigarettes and other tobacco products below.

In Missouri, there is no minimum age requirement to sell tobacco or vaping products.
The state of Missouri does not require a license to sell tobacco or vaping products. However, retailers are required by state law to register with the Department of Revenue if they intend to sell tobacco or vaping products.
No, but the retailer should make sure the excise taxes have been paid on the tobacco products. Click here to review the Missouri Department of Revenue’s Tobacco Products Guidance. There is no excise tax of vaping products in Missouri.
Cigarettes and smokeless tobacco products must be kept behind a counter. There is no such regulation for vaping products, pipe tobacco or cigars.
A good place to start is the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Click here for the FDA site. Tobacco and vaping training can be obtained from ATC by calling (573) 751-2333.