Salesman permits are required in 11 CSR 70-2.200, Rules and Regulations of the Supervisor of Alcohol and Tobacco Control. A salesman of a licensed manufacturer, solicitor or wholesaler, including the owner, partner, officer, director, employee or agent who seeks to take an order for the sale of intoxicating liquor, or promote the sale of intoxicating liquor, must first apply for and receive a salesman permit issued by ATC.

You must complete the following steps:

  1. Complete the application in detail and sign. Please print legibly and use your legal name.
  2. Provide a jpeg photo of the applicant (without a hat) using a nonwhite background. Photo should be in color and vertically formatted.
  3. 3. Email both the completed application and the jpeg photo to
  4. Please send each application in a separate email. The subject line should say "Salesman Permit – Name of Applicant."
  5. There is no fee for this permit.

If you have any questions, contact Gina Paden at or (573) 526-2774.