Keg Registrations

Missouri state law requires that any individual purchasing at retail a container or keg having the capacity of four or more gallons of beer, wine, or intoxicating liquor sign the Keg Registration Identification Form and that the retailer complete it and require a valid identification from the purchaser. Any non-returnable container with a capacity of less than six gallons shall not be considered a keg under this section. The retailer must retain this form with the keg tags for a minimum of three months following the sale of the keg.

Other provisions of the Missouri's keg registration statute (Section 311.082, RSMo) provide that retailers must:

  1. Require the buyer to produce valid identification at the time of sale;
  2. Charge a minimum deposit of $50.00 per keg sold to the consumer/buyer;
  3. Attach a keg tag to every keg the retailer sells for off premises consumption;
  4. Record on a "Keg Identification" form the date of sale, the size of the keg, the keg tag identification number, the amount of the deposit, the buyer's name, address and date of birth, and the form of the buyer's identification;
  5. When the keg is returned, remove the tag and record the date of return and the condition of the keg tag on the Keg Identification form;
  6. Refuse to refund a keg deposit for a keg that is returned without the tag intact and the identification number legible (the retailer may retain any deposit not refunded); and
  7. Keep and maintain keg tags and Keg Identification forms together for a minimum of three months following the keg sale.

Keg Tags

Keg tags have changed from a red plastic zip tie to a plastic adhesive tag. You may use the remainder of your red tags and then start using the plastic adhesive tags.

Ordering Keg Tags

Keg tags can be obtained by mail using the Keg Tag Reorder Form. The tags come in books of 20, therefore we cannot send out less than one book per order. In order to obtain keg tag booklets by mail, retailers must provide the Central Office with a prepaid postage envelope of the appropriate size for the number of booklets being ordered. When mailing your prepaid postage envelope, please complete the keg tag reorder form and include it with your prepaid envelope.

The cost to mail tag booklets is based on the number of tags being ordered. The maximum number of tags that may be ordered at one time is 200 tags (ten booklets). The tags must be ordered by the booklet, not individually.

Keg tags may be obtained in-person from the Central Office.

Applying the Plastic Adhesive Tags

Follow the instructions below when applying the plastic adhesive keg tags:

  1. Remove the tag from the booklet at the perforation line, leaving the tag number in the booklet.
  2. Peel the backing off of the tag exposing the adhesive.
  3. Wrap the tag around the kegs handle and press the adhesive firmly together.


Please notify ATC if Keg Party Charges are filed. Statute 311.082

Keg Tag information can be found on the Missouri Data Portal. Information is published nightly and available to sort, filter and download the information as needed.

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