Missouri Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Control has begun posting data to the Missouri Data Portal. This will allow each individual to sort, filter and download the data in a personalized format. NOTE: For datasets with a large number of rows, the recommended export format is the .csv format.

Instructions for Obtaining Information from ATC Reports

Click here for license type code

Wholesaler and Solicitor Zip Code Lookup Tables

Lookup tables showing the full 9 digit zip code for the licensed wholesaler and solicitor businesses. This information is updated daily.

Active License Reports

These files will not include suspensions or revocations. You MUST check the suspension notices.

Not Renewed Reports

This report and data are available during the license renewal months of March through July.

Out of Business Reports

New License Reports (Includes Picnics and Caterers)

County Clerk Reports

Temp Licenses Ready to Expire